About us and our concept

Timeless ideas and tasteful design, paired with professional project support. We offer you more than just apartments.

Using synergies - combining living and working

Wir verstehen Projektarbeit. Durch das Managen eigener IT Projekte kennen wir die Erfolgskomponenten aus mehrjähriger Erfahrung. Die Kreativität von Menschen und die gemeinsame Begeisterung für Technologien und Systeme entwickeln den notwendigen „drive“ für den Projektfortschritt. Diese Erfahrungen haben wir übertragen.

Qualified personnel knows no boundaries. They live where the project is. The growing dynamics in projects and on construction sites require flexible personnel management. Borders flow. Qualified freelancers, fitters, craftsmen for industry, trade and construction are in great demand. We support building owners, personnel service providers and project managers in accommodating their employees in our furnished apartments and fitters' flats.


Our brand simply-housed.de does justice to this modern living reality. We see ourselves as hosts. A host for people and your projects. Our apartments are the space for a good work-life balance to meet the demands and dynamics of your working environment.


With simply-housed.de you participate in our interpretation of the concept of Co-living-space. Co-Living-Space

Using synergies and successfully implementing project work.